Tobias Köhler as a house party at Heitsch's parents' vacation farm in Kaiser Wilhelm Koog (near Hamburg Germany. July 1985: Animalympics is first screened at the Prancing Skiltaire Party.

Although the animals are supposed to only observe, Kenny talks them into using their superior science to secretly help his older brother jones Randy in his secret-agent missions for the Phoenix Bureau of Peace Enforcement. May 1987: The Electric Holt is started by Richard Chandler (sysop Mitch Marmel (assistant sysop John DeWeese, and Seth Grenald at Drexel University in Philadelphia. October 1993: Damian Cugley (Slate) in Oxford publishes the first British furry fanzine, Furry Furry issue one, autumn/winter 1993. The Prancing Skiltaire has been Mark Merlino 's personal fannish name for his home since before he, Rod O'Riley, Andre Johnson, and three other fans moved in September 1983 to the house at 13412 Gilbert Street, Garden Grove, California. A third annual furry convention, Albany Anthrocon, to be held in Albany, New York over the Fourth of July weekend starting in 1997, is announced. The Fandom February 1984: Rowrbrazzle number one is published. The core group shifts around late 1992early 1993 from Pittsburgh to the Bay Area, as the wizards graduate from Carnegie-Mellon and settle into the Silicon Valley computer industry. Home-video release but a feature-length video compiled by Mark Merlino from the complete February 1980 half-hour TV special Animalympics: Winter Games and the WB footage for the unreleased hour-long Summer Games special edited to match. A glass-showcased History of Furry Fandom exhibit assembled by David Bliss is included among the Worldcon's exhibitions. Until September 1995, following which bootleg videos and later legitimate video and DVD releases from 1998 become widespread. There were also, following the success of the TV cartoons, unauthorized imitations of the tmnt in other TV cartoons, movies, video and RPG games, and action figures. ( July 1976 through issue six in December 1977 plus one- and two-issue underground comix and early independent comics such as No Ducks and Wild Animals, establish that anthropomorphic animals can be used in "literary" and dramatic stories as well as shock-value raunchy sex-and-drug satires. They also inspire considerable furry-fan pornography, which becomes so extensive that it results in a story in The Hollywood Reporter (November 1, 1995) and a chapter, "Fans versus Time Warner: Who Owns Looney Tunes?" by Bill Mikulak, in the book Reading the Rabbit: Explorations. September 1985: Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, co-created and produced by Jymn Magon and Tad Stones, is the first major-studio-produced light adventure funny-animal television cartoon series to establish both popularity and longevity.

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Launch the last major comic-book attempt at funny-animal super-heroes with DC's Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew (issue one in March, with a preview in The New Teen Titans issue sixteen, February 1982; to issue twenty, November 1983).There are furry hall costumes, a martial arts demonstration, sketching, and a zoo trip.