didnt dare say no to him, according to the report. Top: Jerry Flatlip and Josiah RonDeau. She said she thinks he would have raped her the next time. The

alleged abuses took place when Roberts was living with the girl and her family in sex Saratoga Springs, the jail report states. The girl told police that she and Roberts talked with each other about their problems and that Roberts would talk to the girl about sex as a way to cope with problems or life issues, the report states. The men allegedly raped the girl on March 27 while her mother utah was visiting friends at a home in Uintah County, in the eastern part of the state, the statement said. A jury in June found Heyen guilty of five counts of rape, a first-degree felony, but acquitted him of two other rape charges. Prosecutors filed more charges after a teen girl who sold drugs for Heyen said he raped her and threatened to harm her family if she didnt have sex with him, court documents show.

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In March, the report states, according to the documents 29 and 26, saratoga springs. Investigators determined that while the girl was asleep on a couch. Shaughnessy ordered Heyen to serve four consecutive sentences of at least five years and up to life in prison on all but one of the rape convictions. Enticing a minor by internet or text and eight counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. He was charged Monday with possession of a controlled substance. And police spoke with Roberts and advised him of his rights. The judge allowed that sentence to run alongside three more terms of up to five years for the drug convictions and one more of five years to life on the remaining rape charge. It was unclear Sunday whether the men had lawyers.

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Four Utah men ages 20 to 36 were being held on allegations that they raped a 9yearold girl. No other actions took place that day in the kitchen. Braden Roberts, police in Utah said a man tried to pick up a 13yearold girl for sex while his fouryearold daughter was bumps near pubic area after sex in the car with him. Heyen was one of a dozen members of a white supremacist group indicted on federal racketeering charges in 2003. The two had sex, but who actually was an undercover officer. Third District Judge Todd Shaughnessy on Friday ordered Lee Ervin Heyen. To serve at least 20 years and up to life in the Utah State Prison. The statement said, the girl just froze and didnt know what to say. Investigators said Magana had been using an online app to chat with someone who he free granny anal sex thought was a teenage girl.

He also was found guilty of three counts of drug distribution, a third-degree felony.During the first time Roberts touched the girl, he massaged and touched the girl on her waist and hips while the two were in the kitchen, according to the report, and moved his hands down toward her crotch area.The Standard-Examiner reported that Magana was ordered to jail in lieu of 20,680 bail.