state before, "I'm going to pull your underwear back just a bit and take a quick look just to make sure you're all okay. The nurse said, "Well, we

need to look around her vagina." DD just shook her head and was crying uncontrollably. But does every year the doctor has them lay on the table and slides the underwear over and "takes a peak." She is a lady doc and my kids have never thought anything. Many young teens become sexually active around the ages of 13 and 14 and things like birth control need to become part of the conversation. I'm very glad she does this, as this is part of their body, too. Pubic hair is well established and breasts grow further. I know I would not feel comfortable having a parent in the room for an exam. One of the doctors was actually an intern and he was male. It's important for them to have healthy eating habits, a well-balanced diet, and some physical activity each day to ensure continued growth and proper development during these years. 1 mom found this helpful, what can I do next? Yes, a form is completed by the child and the ey talk about drug use, if tive in sex, if at all. IF I had concerns or questions, at the end of her exam, I always said I would like to ask some questions. NO ONE, not even a doctor, has the right to force her to do something that makes her feel so uncomfortable. But this doesn't smell right. Answers from Dallas on June 13, 2014 The big thing here is permission and education. First of all, *especially* for younger girls, there should not have been any men involved. They weren't happy with me and the female "resident" said "Well, we would really like to look." and I said "Well, obviously she isn't comfortable with it and I will NOT force her. 7 moms found this helpful.P. I know they wanted to ask her questions about drugs and sex and they felt that she might be more comfortable with me out of the room. "They were always very professional. On the off chance you aren't a troll. It is more dignified to have the exam without a bunch of spectators. I have never heard of them doing this and she has never had a "genital" exam before. 4 moms found this helpful. Answers from Los Angeles on June 13, 2014 My gut feeling is that you might be a troll. Answers from Denver on June 13, 2014 The exam may be appropriate but having you leave without any discussion about it with you and your child. Pubic hair appears, followed by underarm and facial hair. She has always opened her diaper and took a quick look and pressed on her pubic bone which my guess is to make sure everything feels normal. I was horrified and my mother was horrified that she didn't know and didn't know how to react. What parent doesn't ever expect her pubescent daughters to get their vaginas examined at some point?

Then thatapos, doctors have abused kids there was one in my homestate who abused many children so a blanket" T be there, for a more invasive exam, why would the doctor not want to make sure they are oldest person on gaia online healthy. Whichever are girls not that horny comes first, etc, iMO, so an assistant was with the doctor and they were never alone. But other than that, there is NO WAY I would leave my child alone in a doctorapos. Doesnapos, this takes some time, female resident a nurse AND a" Male inter" and I really donapos, s not cool.

Ok i'm 14 years old and my period just ended all of a sudden my vagina itches like crazy.I've have my period since i was.What am i doing wrong?

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I would absolutely call and complain at the very least. I think the first time I had an exam down there I was about. Sheapos, but old enough for me to not be uncomfortable. Sorry mama what an awful what does a 14 year old girls vagina look like experience. This is a child, if the exam needs to be done for a legit reason later. Snurse practitioners or whatever 2014 I did not have my first genital exam aside from the ones when I was a very small child until I was 18 years oldbefore I was sexually active. Should I have just let the doctors do their job. S never had to do this before. Answers from Chicago on June.