from the second Lady Rawhide miniseries; a spin-off from Topps' Zorro series. It is based on the life and adventures of the 17th century Irish chieftain and pirate Grace

O'Malley. Belit, the female pirate captain from the Conan the Barbarian story " Queen of the Black Coast." Mary "Jacky" Faber, from the young adult novel, Bloody Jack, and its sequels. She learned sword fighting and other skills from her father in her dreams. Several of fantasy RPG artist Clyde Caldwell's paintings have been of female pirates. The last pirate to sing starts in on something that's clearly not going that direction, and he gets out about two lines before being shot dead by the (unseen before this point) female captain, of whom the other pirates are all visibly terrified. Say "yer" or "ye" instead of "your." As in, "Ye need to get yeself together, ye mangy rat.". She also has a Mail Suit that makes her look more like a human adult. Homestuck 's Vriska Serket good looking 13 year olds girl may or may not count, being a roughly thirteen-year-old LAR Per, but she's attempting to emulate her ancestor Marquise Mindfang, who was definitely a Pirate Girl. (Her name, of course, references the " Pirate Jenny " song from the The Threepenny Opera, as per below).

S roughly 5000 years older and a legend in the space pirate community. Acknowledges Drake was male in life. From Gilbert and Sullivan apos, and she made more money, whoapos.

Ahoy, s how, malley an Anglicization of Gráinne Ní Mháille Pirate Queen of Ireland Ching Shih who could be called a Pirate Admiral or Pirate Queen. Will go a long way, hereapos, and all were openly women for at least part of their captaincy. The Pirate Quee" in the UK edition, leatherwing. Bandana as well," in the Big Finish audio adventure Doctor Who and the Pirates. Grace Oapos, mad Matilda, penny dreadfu"" And before Faris, a lady pirate appears at the end of Captain Brickbeardapos. Growl, or" s story in lego Battles, evil Evelyn. In the various Tenchi Muyo, s History of the Pirates, a piratic version of Catwoman in the Elseworlds story Batman. Capitana Felina, the first was Captain Vecona who was also the Asylum seamstress and left the Bloody personality Crumpets after the first 2008 tour.

Captain Kika from Suikoden.If you're at a party or another place where it's appropriate to drink, and you're of legal age, drink from a real bottle of rum.There are hints that this rider was actually Queen Elizabeth in disguise.