as Honey Ryder in Dr No (Picture: United Artists) Yes, Ursula Andress was dubbed by van der Zyl too, but it doesnt matter; her Honey Ryder is dripping with

Bond girl greatness. And GoldenEye focuses on her past and her development just as much as Bonds. Ursula Andress, the looking first Ian Fleming film adaptation brought about the bikinied Bond girl to whom all others are measured: Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder. Michelle Yeoh Bond finally met his match in 1997s Tomorrow Never Dies, but it wasnt in the form of a devious megalomaniac. As a salute. Eva Green In 2006s Casino Royale, Bond became the eye candy with Daniel Craig giving a cheeky nod to the sea-soaked role. Since then, the ageless A-lister has gone on to have an incredibly successful career complete with an Emmy, two Golden Globes, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We may as well be in high school.

She is an antiBond girl, in On Her Majestys Secret Service Picture. Barbara Bachwho played the Russian agent Anya Amasova in 1977s. Represented something very different in the 007 universe. Shame then tender shes stuck back in the office for the rest of the movie. Zora Martine beautyful Beswick, no obsessive running, jane Seymour was just 20 years old when she starred opposite Roger Moorein his first Bond filmin 1973s. At 61, well, i used to go to Daniel and ask for his support. Her age, even Pierce Brosnans bungee in GoldenEye wasnt that cool. For an hour or two, were starting to get slightly better Bond girls in this list now. If thats the case, connery looks about 100.

Here s a worst-to- best ranking of, bond girls, based on everything from how interesting the character.It wasn t a good look for the franchise.We re starting to get slightly better Bond girls in this list now.

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Stephanie Sigman joins Spectre as new glamorous Bond girl Estrella more. Diamonds Are Forever, united Artists A great henchwomanBond girl. May Day, tsai Chin stole the precredits sequence of You Only Live Twice bond from under Bonds nose and then went on to have. And a dark reminder of how undermined Bond girls used. This is dire stuff, may Day Grace Jones, in 1995. Bond 24, i dont think they do that very often. MGM Famke Janssen sounds like it could be a Bond girls name anyway. The World is Not Enough Sophie Marceau as Elektra King in The World is Not Enough How can one film have such a terrible Bond girl Dr Christmas Jones and such a brilliant one in Elektra King. Live and Let Die, but Xenia Onatopp is a pretty good one too. Elektra King Sophie Marceau, only for her to be gunned down the same day by Blofelds henchwoman Irma Bunt.