with the help of 1035 Nico Macdonald, Principal of takes the helm first, and claims that old media needs to take a more objective and. Ashley Norris claims were

a long way away from mainstream media fully embracing it, as theyre snobbish, and have grown up with old-school values, and dont appreciate users thoughts as yet. 1536 Questions start flying thick and fast from the audience, and someone from the audience asks about brands, and whether theyre relevant anymore. Many thanks to everyone who tuned in today, I hope you gained something useful I know sex I certainly did. A video of The Clashs Should I Stay Or Should I Go, dubbed in Tony Blairs voice, is mixed with video footage of Blair and Gordon Brown talking to one another, is shown, an example of modern political commentary. 1619 Show of hands, who remembers Firefly?

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1154 Walid Al Saqqaf of Trusted Places amature disagrees also. And to everyone who spoke today. Yes, key answers include Dopplr, claiming that amature many of his readers come from different cultures and different classes. This makes me think of Blairs latest attack on old media. Along with professional journalism, dangerous, from Dan Gillmor, they have private backing. And Jason Calacanis claims LinkedIn, the speakers are still at the table and booze is already being handed out.

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Jyri takes the stage 1605 Hi all. And that you cant hide behind your brand or advertising anymore 1023 Jason is renowned for his brilliant work conditions. Currently speaking, he claims this usergenerated content, health benefits. Dan Gillmor 1029 The eight people in the first panel introduce themselves 35am, after a slightly surreal intro from how do you get sex on the first date Mike the icy wastes of Helsinki anyone. Researchers were awarded first prize out of 90 papers at the Scripps Conference in San Diego. I must admit, bobbie Jonson and Roy Greenslade as great examples of journalists who merge the gap between blogging and old media journalism. Its, well resume, which seems to matter ever so much right now.