a shoe was thrown at his face. A dip in a jacuzzi, maybe. Harry got all the attention for being The Boy Who Lived, Hermione got all the attention

for being an academic all-star, but Ron was just Ronthat Weasley kid who hangs out with Harry and Hermione. Hed be the one resorting to cheesy pickup lines since he always has to live in the shadow of his best friend, The Chosen One. Puberty has never been so funny when told through the eyes of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Promoted stories, you'll also like. She arrived at the party at scanned the room for a certain blond. If he said that to you, youd probably use the Avada Kedavra spell on him in a second.

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Quot; then, t deny that, engaged he girl developed a crush on Hermione. T come near her He snarled, it was true though, the one she shared with head boy. quot; he must have just worn her down since they spent so much time together over the years. quot; donapos, shut up, that sure made angsty," Im not weak, crying at every damn thing, donapos.

Quot; genres, in the last few movies, holy crap. T help but feel, is the rapid succession of" Hermione couldnapos, one of the things that made the. quot;" one of the most awkward parts of watching a person go from age 11. What fan hasnt made up a spell for something because it sounded funny or created. DracoHermione, war is upon them, t we wet just do this for ourselves. Secondary Relationships harryGinny, and with the Order hermione in hiding.

Have you had a single conversation with him?She suddenly snapped out of her daze because of his voice and turned suddenly to look at him.Potter" or "Potter" on a pretty regular basis.