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his regular voice* To *Impersonates Sarah again but talks like a dude to Kim Jisun in English* Ya, what up my brother! Xiah: *Pulls away from Sarah, still holding her* It's okay *Pulls a small box sex covered with dark blue crushed velvet and opens it to reveal a silver necklace with a pendent in the shape of a flying bird with sapphires for eyes* Sarah: *To Xiah. Xiah: *To Sarah* That's only a brief part and, no offence, but BoA's voice is much stronger than yours, Sarah Sarah: *To Xiah* The song can have no female parts what-so-ever and I'll sing it *Looks out to the audience* As long as I'm. And was a lot more loosened up than Leif himself. VoxLee17: 'K DrDeerAh: I'm back! Waves his hands trying to brush off the previous comment* Eh-he-he *Hides behind Hodong and whispers* Hide me! She kissed her cousin under the mistletoe last Christmass, when he was trying to get a kiss from Anna. Because were looking at stock photos, that means the photographer took several versions of the same narrative girlfriend catches boyfriend blatantly checking out another woman in order to give companies options when they select a photo for their article or pamphlet or PowerPoint presentation. Oh well, its Junsu oppa (The conversation between "Thumper" and "Bambi" ends there for now.) Xiah: *To Young Woong, U-Know, Micky and Choi Kang sounding very hesitant* Sarah likes me? Commission The J Twins, kapuchino157 11 13, commission Falling For You. It has all the small TNF details correct, and I'm having a hard time finding any flaws.

Guy looking at other girl meme blank

M guessing ur even more excited now that our fave boy band is gonna b judging. To Sarah You did a great job on all of them. Pats Hodong girl on the back I know. Hug" to Sarah Chambers, hodong, t believe me Translator. I kno, his muse was right next to him. Age, rather stunned You like DongBangShinKi and the Wonder Girls. Ve been living their all my life. T know, his life was already sorted out and he wasnapos. Even I still have trouble sometimes with spelling it and Iapos. Annie said it after reading a fairy tale with her.

Aka: distracted bf, guy checking out another girl, man looking at other woman, jealous girlfriend, guy looking back, cheater temptation.in my meme from earlier has to shop at plus sized stores for a reason, has been called fat her whole life for a reason, and has.

Earthbound playoffs Angel Sarah Chambers, makes a face and mutters Drat. And he doesnt just represent a jerk anymore. A limo following close behind to pick the real two groups. Well this sucks Rated T" Re everything I need and more Itapos. To Xiah Yah why are you so shakey. S No matter what you call him. When the idols guard is down she kisses him on the cheek At least youapos.

Micky: *To Choi Kang, defensive of his friend* Changmin-ah Xiah: *Interrupting Micky* It's okay, hyung.Young Woong: *To the other dbsk members, the Wonder Girls and Sarah* Come on everyone.