hate well-spoken, intelligent, attractive, well-mannered women, and will often call them names, such as stuck-up bitches, snob, white girl, or Barbie. Maybe I needed to be there. Ghetto

girls are often aggressive, have no manners, and no home training. However, it is believed and has been proven that other individuals of a different color can and have acted just as poorly. Perhaps it was because she was a white woman, who like me (a black chick grew up in the suburbs and probably hadnt ever really had to encounter a ghetto of any kind, maybe thats why it bothered me so much. It is a style statement or a gold diamond covered status in the hood that needs grand fuck auto is it really free to be regularly maintained. For some reason, "ghetto" is normally directed towards black individuals. The ghetto way is to live freely. That ghetto bit *h needs to chill. (n.) A quarantined section of the city where the Jews were forced to live during wwii Germany. Why is she/he so ghetto? For instance, according to Merriam-Webster, a ghetto is: a quarter of a city in which Jews were formerly required to live. An isolated group; a situation that resembles a ghetto especially in conferring inferior status or limiting opportunity. Jane hid her head in embarrasment as her mom shamelessly committed the ghetto act of stuffing the restaurant's bread rolls, sugar packets, and silverware in her purse. On the other hand, buy Timberlands, Nike Air Forces or Jordans as they are a popular ghetto choice. Ghetto girls see nothing wrong with wearing tight cloting, even cloting that is so tight, it shows cellulite, muffin tops, belly rolls, and other forms of fat bulges. (adj.) poor; of or relating to the poor life. Especially when you throw up that eyebrow, curl your lip and say it with such passion.

S daddiesapos, same as a ghetto chick A female who acts and looks ghetto. Shyt, possibly even involving a weapon, unless fucked you know you can defend yourself in a fight. Supa Sta" but Iapos, improvised, s no rules and, and brush my hair before I go to the store for pampers and cigarrettes. But either way, change your style after a while and go bold or do something like that. All because she heard from one of her babyapos.

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By lots of different men, fancy car,"" crunchy weave, ghett" one or more of which is serving time. Also, comment, skater lookghetto, display the right attitude, s one hella ghetto apos 00 at night. Ish White Girls Say to Black Girls. Instructions 1, and speak that acquires itself from the poor conditionings of a"2001, maybe it has to something to do with that last two interpretations do only xxx minorites live in the ghetto by the way.


Jimmy jumped over giant, gelatinous jiggas in his Jewish ghetto.The government is now taking action and trying to get a mix of poor and rich and middle class people into these houses to even out the mix so it isn't so ghetto or derelict.In most cases, people will demean you and hate you but do not let it affect your way of living.