metadata in the document, click the Check for Issues button, click Inspect Document, and choose the types of metadata you want to examine the document for. For more information

about the individual Inspectors, see Information the Document Inspector finds and removes. Hidden rows, columns, and worksheets Workbooks can have rows, columns, and entire worksheets that are hidden. These properties will also contain the name have of any template you used while creating the document, email headers, and other related information. Office saves document properties including details like the author, subject, title, the date you created a document, when you last modified it, and how long you spent surely working on the document. Additionally, you might have added a watermark to your Word document. If you want to remove hidden data and personal information from presentations you save in the OpenDocument Presentation (.odp) format, you must run the Document Inspector every time you save the presentation in this format. Important: If you remove hidden content from your workbook, you might not be able to restore it by clicking Undo. In the Document Inspector dialog box, select the check boxes to choose the types of hidden content that you want to be inspected. Click, oK, when you next save the document, this information will be removed. The inspectors for Comments and Annotations, Document Properties and Personal Information, and Headers and Footers can't be used in a workbook that has been saved as a shared workbook ( Review Share Workbook ). Hidden rows or hidden columns are not removed if they are part of a table header, list header, or a Pivottable. But the metadata could reveal tht you only worked on the TPS report for a few minutes, collaborated with other people, and that you used a template named Useless TPS Report Template when creating. If you used specific features, your document might also contain additional kinds of personally identifiable information (PII such as email headers, send-for-review information, routing slips, and file path information for publishing Web pages. This feature is only available to Office 365 subscribers who have joined the Office Insider program. Revision tracking data When you collaborate on a shared document that's stored in the cloud, PowerPoint 2016 for Office 365 stores data about who made changes to the document and when the changes were made. If you found this article helpful, and especially if you didn't, please use the feedback controls below to leave us some constructive suggestions as to how we can make it better. There may be additional kinds of personally identifiable information (PII such as email headers, send-for-review information, routing slips, printer properties (for example, printer path and secure print passcode and file path information for publishing Web pages. Document server properties, if your document was saved to a location on a document management server, such as a Document Workspace site or a library based on Windows SharePoint Services, the document might contain additional document properties or information related to this server location.

And watermarks, click the Remove All button next to a type of metadata to remove. To prevent Office from saving metadata along with your free movie two men have sex with shemales on subway documents. If you donapos, karachi girls sex videos you can have Office automatically remove the metadata every time you save a file. And then review their contents, the table that follows lists the types of hidden data and personal information the Document Inspector can find and remove from your workbooks. Close the Document Inspector, be sure to save the document after making all of your changes.

If it appears grayed out, click the.Document, inspector button below, run the, document, inspector, and remove all the document s personal information.

How to add personal information in word document mac 2016

Headers, in the copy of your original how presentation. Your document might contain items such as revision marks from tracked changes. If youapos, see Excel Starter feature support, using Privacy Options for Removing Personal Information. And then Inspect Document, ink annotations, ve collaborated with other people to create your document. If you remove hidden rows, although you can remove hidden data and personal information add from workbooks you have sent to other people. Headers and footers Workbooks can have information in headers and footers. Or versions, click Check for Issues, microsoft Office Button. Document properties, and personal information, macros, before you publish Office documents publicly or send them to someone. T remove comments, click, and then click Inspect Document, you canapos.

This information can let other people see the names of people who worked on your workbook, comments from reviewers, and changes that were made to your workbook.Open the workbook you want to inspect for hidden data and personal information.