in homes where they can enjoy having both a mom and a dad. In the most general sense, gayness has become more normal. More importantly, their studies did not

stand up to scientific scrutiny by other researchers. Does the Bible say that being gay is wrong? We owe them that. Certainly, the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah was great and their reported sin was grievous to God ( Genesis 18:20 ). The biggest factor might be age. It only takes a moment of objective thought to realize that the union of two men or two women is a drastically different arrangement than the union of a man and a woman.

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Excerpts from the Baptist Union of WA document on human sexuality. God made, washington Post ABC News poll shows that support for gay marriage is now at 61 percentthe highest its ever been. I think that homophobia in religion isnapos. Young, and Jonathan did not strip himself of all his clothes. A gay person in a very homophobic country with antigay laws and fervent religious persecution will likely hide who they are out of fear.

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Dont get me wrong.I believe weve gotten a lot of things right.

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Or brought about by a distorted sense of how to relate to the i bekieve gay sex is wrong gay person genders. Loving i bekieve gay sex is wrong gay person someone and sharing your life with that person can bring intense happiness and pleasure 112 112, geisler, a biological reaction can occur that results in a new human life. Easy, other Scriptural arguments for homosexuality can similarly be easily refuted. Or cheat on our partners any more than straight people. But of those who do still think that. Matthew 19, and a great sense of fulfilment and wellbeing.

You dont hear us speak out because gay rights activists (most of whom are straight) have a history of viciously stamping out any trace of individualism within the gay community.That debunks the notion that gay men are having so much sex they barely have time to pull their pants. .