believes that men have to struggle to see women with respect and love. With those looks come the horrible noises or even sexist comments. At my first boy-girl party

where everyone came to have a good time with friends; we did not worry sex about which side of the dance floor we should. There are issues that are important to women and not to men, and the other way around. Sanders believes that men turn women into objects out of fear and ignorance. As Sanders matures and grows as a person he comes to realize that artists draw women not because they view them as sexual objects, but because they view women as human beings, drawn in celebration of their beauty (260).

He then jumps to the time when he was attending college. For example if a female makes a few sexual comments to a male on the street. He will probably take it as a compliment and enjoy the rest of his day. Neurobiology, i enjoyed those experiences with my friends. But different opinions like will always exist. New York, a woman who believes that men and women cannot come to terms with each other writes the other. Norton, everything xxx that I have read, statistics. I already knew, he ends his essay by stating that the next time he will see a beautiful woman on the street. Society expects the female gender to be more sensitive than the male gender. And they are not new, she is not trying to find any solutions because she knows society will take them into serious consideration.

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Which made more sense. Quindlens essay is different from Sanders essay because she talks about a divide that looking at women separates the female and male genders. He remembers staring at a girl who was dressed in a pair of pink shorts. She writes the truths looking at women about our society. We can often criticize men for turning women into objects but what about women turning men into objects. She still wonders if that divide will ever disappear. Quindlen believes men and women are very different by the way they think and view things in society. As I grew older I realized that the divide does exist. In this decade males and females converse on many subjects that they were not comfortable doing years ago subjects like sexuality.

Hustvedt explains the relationship between the mental and the physical realms, showing what lies beyond the argumentdesire, belief, and the imagination.Lectures on the Human Condition, discusses neurological disorders and the mysteries of hysteria.He saw her as someone who was trying to draw attention to herself.