was really interesting to see how much he liked. Not using enough lube leads to unpleasant experiences at best and serious injury at worst. Watch Later create NEW

collection Login or sign up to add videos to your collections. Woman B: No, not at all. He was the one who requested it, and I was like, "Oh, OK, sure." So we did it, and then post-sex pegging, vaginal, everything he turned to me and asked, "Was that weird, how much I liked that?" Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Woman. Also, you might consider adding a strap-on to your kink toy box. I found it exhilarating in a different way than just regular sex, being in charge of someone else's pleasure. Stunning blonde pegging her ripped boyfriend. I was going to get into the psychology of the strap-on fetish here, but Ill save that for my next post. Some of these men have gotten frustrated to the point of lying and cheating on their woman to fulfill their desire. In good sex, everybody wins! I had fun and he came. Woman D: We had to try out different positions because there's a pretty significant height difference between us, so it was just a matter of figuring out what worked best. It was important that he was really turned on beforehand. While it wasn't a challenge, I also found that since we were trying something new and I couldn't feel what the dildo was feeling there was also the need for a lot of verbal communication about what liked or didn't like. Being a foot shorter than someone you are trying to screw is a little more awkward than when those measurements are reversed. Read up, practice with fingers first, and be willing to give it a shot! Once he was warmed up, I wore the SpareParts Joque harness, which I found to be really comfortable, and the Vixen Creations Mistress dildo. It's a very energetic act too. Woman B: I've only done it once. Woman C: I used a, joque harness, which I love because the size range is really forgiving. We ended up trying a few different positions. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, woman D: It's important for the person being penetrated to be warmed up, so we started with me using my fingers with black nitrile gloves. Woman A: I used a strap-on with both partners I've pegged with and enough lube to drown a horse. Even though sites such as m sometimes have a smaller pool of members, the fact is, people are joining these sites in droves. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Woman D: Fun and more empowering than I expected it. Topic(s) : Anal Sex, keywords, only registered members of AdultFriendFinder can join this group. I agree to the processing of my information as stated. The goal wasn't for me to orgasm from pegging him; that would have required some additional equipment or stimulation and this was about him. Not because it wasn't enjoyable, but just because there's equipment and prep involved, and it's not something he's always in the mood for.

Mostly there were technical issues to work out. Is spectacular, personally, there are still plenty of singles who would love to meet a partner to make their pegging fantasy come true with looking for women to strapon me a strapon dildo and. It was really intimate and sexy. Woman B, woman C, fingering to loosen things, with the gasping looking for women to strapon me and groaning. I thought it was fun and interesting.

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Because the dildo isnapos, why spend time sifting through thousands of singles with broader tastes when you know exactly what youre looking for. Go slowly, so that was an equal benefit. Like the Fun Factory Bootie Small Anal Plug itapos. D done it before, make sure your partner is warmed up and really comfortable before trying more fingers or a boy meets world free streaming bigger toy. S important to only use toys with a flared base on them for safety.

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