way back after an incident like this but it may take them until nightfall (when traffic and noise has died down) to summon up the courage to retrace their

steps. Another timeit was definitely a Divine Intervention storybut one of our FB friends found herself visiting in an apartment complex and she encountered a gal who was missing her cat. I know you don't want to find her like that, but it might provide some closure if you. Some time back I wrote an article called Where do your cats go when they leave your home? Make sure that your cat has everything it needs and wants in your home so that it need never go looking elsewhere for a more comfortable life, gadgets like a cat water fountain help improve your cats perception of their home. I suggested they just sit outside and shoot the breeze. Cats often go away and hide to have kittens. Folks seems to immediately think to contact shelters and stuff without realizing their kitty is very likely right under their nose, but its behavior likely changes once it is displaced outdoors. Maybe kitty is stuck in a tree; dont forget to look at places where a frightened cat might climb. Worried about where your cat goes? Updated on June 25, 2018, anyone who has ever had a missing cat knows how worrying it is not knowing what has happened to them, or if they are alive or dead. Your Cat May Go Missing if it Finds a More Favourable Environment. I mention to folks that its pretty rare that a cat will come when called or by shaking treats which is why we need to appeal to their sense of smell to attract them home. I can't be certain, but I'm fairly sure it's him, so I suppose he must have been hit by a car and run away. I would prepare yourself for the possibility that she won't come back. Have you checked the roads nearby? Distracted Cats may Disappear, cats are more likely to go missing during the summer months when the weather is great and they feel inclined to spend more time outdoors chasing insects and small animals. If your cat is caught unawares and frantically runs to a place it is unfamiliar with then this may cause them to go missing for sometime, particularly if they find themselves stuck behind a busy road or crossing. I suggest putting the litter box or scoop of used litter outside along with articles of their own worn clothing, a slept on pillowcase, a used bath mat or towel, a vacuum bag or canister and kittys favorite bed or blankie. Our friend started communicating with me and passing along the tips. Sometimes cats get trapped in a neighbors shed or garage or in a nearby construction site. Clearly these worried owners were desperate for ideas my cat has gone missing will he come back as to what they could do to find their cats again, and for reassurance that their cats were going to either come back on their own, or at least be okay. My hope is t hat we can encourage cat owners to immediately get busy trying to attract their kitty home so that their cat does not need to be found by someone else. Cats come back after months or even years sometimes.

These are tips that work, a clean litter tray and, while you cant really prevent this kind of behaviour without keeping your cat permanently locked into your home it may be worth considering using a cat tracker so that you can keep an eye. And that when you do your cat is alive and well. I hope these ideas help you to find your missing pet cat. Suggested selfies this and they stepped outside to continue our conversation unbeknownst. And it is not necessarily a lost cat in the true sense of the word apos. I have been on the phone twice with people. There are plenty of reasons why your cat may go missing. It has clean fresh water, in order to prevent this happening try to ensure that your cat is well looked after at home.

I would prepare yourself for the possibility that she won t co me back.My cat went missing for 5 months when he was young!However it is unfortunately not true that cats will always come back home.

Invest in a good quality cat enclosure or catio to sex doll meeting prevent your cat leaving your garden. If these suggestions fail it may be that someone has already taken your cat in probably someone right in the neighborhood. This also helps prevent the growth of the feral cat population too. Cats are known for being very independent pets so many cat owners are quite happy to allow them to freely roam their neighbourhood. Install a microchip compatible cat flap to limit your cats time outdoors.