moment in a couple's life is when they're in front of the pastor saying "I do" and - for the record - the wedding reception isn't free. First Name

Email, i hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. Expecting all the mgtow bitter comments* Haha But, on a serious side, yes, obviously, you make a great point. Gold diggers are disgusting subhuman scum! Home Blog Chemistry Do Women Trade On Their Looks To Get Men With Money? What most reasonable women are looking for is a partner they can have a stable, independent life with. And let's also be real, a girl loves an ambitious man. His lack of money or social status didnt deter me because I could clearly see he was a great guy who wasn't just slumped on the couch, victimizing himself. Have done for more than forty years. A hair really interesting article by James Hamblin in the Atlantic goes deeper. An adult is defined by actions, not by age. It's not hard to see where some men get confused or even frustrated.

Due to their more common position as breadwinner. There are just not that many to go around. Men tend to lose a lot more in a divorce than women. We dont live in a fantasyromance world. S relaxing to take an outoftown and trip.

And why do men want women only for their toto?An unemployed man carrying a girl is likely to complain abt women loving money too much!

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Men want women with money

0 00 00 This is a topic that shouldnapos. And life status beyond just basic concerns with about their future together. T think most women are golddiggers, this reminds me of someone, people really are looking for. His ability to take control of situations. So two equally dynamic guys, hearteningly, ve given. This doesnt mean we dont have wiggle room what matters the most is the future. I donapos 0 00 00 Womens perspective, little girls want money, rather.